Withernsea care home relying on electric heaters during gas outage

A care home with 40 elderly residents has been forced to use 16 electric heaters to keep them warm.

Queens Residential Home in Withernsea is among thousands of buildings in the town which have been without gas since the supply failed on Saturday evening.

They have been told it will most likely be Monday by the time the supply is restored after water entered the pipelines.

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Senior carer Alex Burkinshaw said that residents and staff were coping well with the conditions caused by the incident.

"We're doing alright - we've been lucky really, the gas board have been round a few times and have given us 16 heaters. Quite a few families have brought them in too. We have 40 residents so it is a big place to heat, but we have blankets and things."

Kitchen staff will have to prepare hot meals with just just one electric oven after the second, gas-powered, oven stopped working.

"One oven is out of use, but we have still been able to serve hot meals. We have no idea when the gas will be back on - they are still investigating, but they've said it probably won't be today.

"If it goes on for longer, we'll just do what we have been doing today - it's a safe place for the residents to be. and we will be keeping everyone warm," she added.

Heaters, food and hot drinks are being distributed at incident centres including the Hull Road sports hall and East Riding Leisure Centre, but families have been warned not too use too many electric heaters in case the local grid becomes overwhelmed by the demand.