Woman has her speech restored

A WOMAN who has not uttered a word for more than a decade has had her speech restored thanks to a pioneering transplant.

Brenda Jensen was unable to speak or breathe on her own before the operation – only the second time a voicebox transplant has been performed worldwide.

UK surgeon Martin Birchall, professor of laryngology at University College London, was part of the team which gave Ms Jensen back the gift of speech.

She described the operation as a "miracle" and "new beginning".

Yesterday, she met the full international surgical team who performed the transplant, carried out at the University of California's Davis Medical Centre.

Ms Jensen, 52, had not spoken for 11 years after complications during surgery for kidney failure in 1999 harmed her voicebox and left her unable to breathe.

In an 18-hour operation in October, surgeons replaced her larynx (voicebox), thyroid gland and trachea (windpipe), restoring not only her speech but the ability to taste and smell.

Just 13 days after the operation, Ms Jensen, from Modesto, California, spoke to doctors and her family.