Woman ‘has no memory of sex attack in Sheffield park’

Police officers at Weston Park
Police officers at Weston Park
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A 21-year-old who was subjected to a serious sexual attack in a Sheffield park has no memory of it happening.

Her attacker struck as she walked through the park, opposite the city’s Children’s Hospital, around 10.48pm on Monday night.

Police have revealed that the woman, who is being supported by specially trained officers, has no recollection of what happened.

Detective Inspector John Fitzgibbons, said: “We are continuing to investigate the circumstances of the incident and are following up various lines of enquiry.

“We know a 21-year-old woman entered the park at around 10.48pm, and then for reasons we are yet to satisfactorily establish, woke up on the ground around two minutes later, with no recollection or memory of what had happened.

“The ambulance service attended and reported the incident to police and we have conducted extensive enquires since this time with the woman’s full cooperation.

“Due to the circumstances of the incident, there is no description of an attacker, however we have spoken to numerous witnesses, analysed CCTV footage of the park and worked very closely with the woman, who understandably has been left feeling incredibly vulnerable and shaken by the incident and continues to receive support from specially trained officers.

He added: “I would like to offer my thanks to the public and the local communities, who have been incredibly understanding and supportive as we have carried out our enquiries this week.

“I fully appreciate incidents of this nature can create unrest and heightened fear and I want to offer my assurance that we are treating this incident as a priority and we will continue to provide additional patrols in and around the area to provide reassurance and a high visibility police presence.”