Woman killed in motorway horror

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An elderly woman died from shock after her arm was torn off yesterday in a horrific multi-vehicle motorway crash just hours after the Bank Holiday rush got under way.

The tragedy closed the east-bound carriageway of the M62, near Huddersfield, leading to 13 miles of tailbacks, as a major 999 operation swung into action.

Paramedics aboard the Yorkshire Air Ambulance touched down but the woman died before she could be taken on board despite frantic efforts to save her life.

An air ambulance spokesman said: “According to the paramedic, an elderly lady was ejected from a vehicle and they were unfortunately unable to save her.

“She passed away. She was certified dead at the scene. There were arm injuries. It was quite a traumatic incident.”

Eye-witnesses said a van was coming down a hill near Junction 24 of the motorway when two tyres apparently blew out.

The van cannoned into the central reservation, hurling the rear seat female passenger out into the carriageway.

An air ambulance was called and 999 workers gave the woman heart massage and the kiss of life at the scene. But she died shortly afterwards.

She is believed to have suffered a heart attack due to shock.

Tragedy struck near Junction 24 of the motorway around noon. An eye witness said: “The van was coming down the hill just and had a blow out on two wheels.

“It skidded and side swiped a Kia Picanto which smashed straight into the crash barrier.

“The van hit the barrier several times. As it hit the barrier a rear seat passenger was thrown out of the back of the van onto the motorway.

“Her arm was caught between the van and barrier and torn off at the elbow.”

Eyewitnesses reported the casualty was an older woman and part of a family wearing Jewish headgear.

The Kia driver – a man believed to be aged in 40s or 50s from Leeds – was treated for chest pains.