Woman leaps from mobility scooter as mums fight at Filey school gate

A DISABLED woman leapt from her mobility scooter to attack a rival as a feud between warring mums erupted in violence outside a village primary school in North Yorkshire.

Sally Porter, who clashed with boutique owner Jo Sinclair. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Shocked teachers and children watched in horror as mum-of-eight Sally Porter clashed with boutique owner Jo Sinclair.

The warring pair screamed and swore at each other before Porter, 39, got out of her buggy to scratch her rival as they pair picked up their children.

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Magistrates heard how the clash was the climax of a long-running feud which began after Jo Sinclair, 43, attended a party at Porter’s next-door neighbour’s home.

Jo Sinclair. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

It culminated in the clash at Hunmanby Primary School near Filey, where insults and abuse were exchanged.

Victim Mrs Sinclair, a mother-of-three, filmed the ugly episode on her mobile phone and Porter yelled: ‘’I know your address” at her.

But Porter escaped immediate punishment for her role in the scuffle, after the bench heard that she herself had called the police several times during their ongoing feud.

Her solicitor Robert Vining told magistrates in Scarborough: “This lady is in extremely poor health.”

He said she needed a carer seven days a week as she has a degenerative disc in her back.

She is also waiting an operation for a brain aneurysm.

Mr. Vining said: “The stress upon her for the brain surgery is an ongoing worry.

“All she wants to do is live at home with her partner and children.”

Porter, from Hunmanby, hobbled into the courtroom on crutches flanked by supporters

for the hearing, including her partner of 18 years, John Davis, 43.

She pleaded guilty to assault and was given a six month conditional discharge and ordered to pay #290 costs and charges which will be taken from her benefits.

No compensation was awarded to the victim, who declined to speak.

After the case, Porter, whose eight children are aged between 18 months and 21 years, said: “I should not have pleaded guilty because I only grabbed her arm, but I was advised to do so by my solicitor.

“He said if I lost my case I would have to pay costs and I’m disabled and my partner is my carer so we couldn’t afford that. I can’t do that to my beautiful children.

“It all started back in January this year when my neighbour was having a party, I had only been diagnosed with a brain tumour in the December and I asked them to keep quiet, instead they started banging on my walls.

“Since then Jo Sinclair has had it in for me and every time she’s at her neighbour’s she will bang on the wall. I’ve rang the police about it countless times.

“I know I shouldn’t have carried on at school but I felt cornered and I was sick of the stress. I only grabbed her arm, but I was swearing, which I do accept I should not have done.

“I can’t believe this has ended in court and I’ve now got a criminal record.

“I have bigger things to deal with. I am due to have an operation to remove the brain tumour, from which I have a 50/50 chance of survival.

“I’ve lived on this street for 18 years and I’ve never had any trouble before.”