Women admit emotional tie to handbag

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Sex toys, screwdrivers and spare knickers are among the items regularly carried around in handbags, according to a survey of women.

The poll confirmed what most men suspect – women really do carry almost everything but the kitchen sink in their handbags, with many also showing an emotional attachment to their favourite bags.

More than 2,000 women were surveyed for the poll by Kellogg’s Special K Mini Breaks and everything from the practical to the perverse were revealed as handbag contents.

Essentials including keys, tissues and make-up were carried alongside sex toys, porn videos, spare knickers, tarot cards, dog biscuits and a piano tuning fork.

The average woman owns seven handbags, spending around £82 on each, according to the poll results – an average handbag collection worth around £580.

Almost a fifth of women surveyed said they used their handbag as an object to hide behind when not feeling confident on a “fat day”, while 16 per cent said their handbag was like a “security blanket”.