Women should be proud of the skin they’re in

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From: Hannah Craig, Headingley Avenue, Headingley, Leeds.

YOUR article “Young paying the price for those vanity hours on the sunbed” (Yorkshire Post, April 7) shocked me into realising what sunbeds are capable of doing.

Questions also arose in my mind as to why females feel the need to tan instead of being proud of their body as it is.

When living in a modern and materialistic world, with tanned beauties in the spotlight everyday, it is no wonder women feel uncomfortable in their own skin and always aim for someone else’s. A tan is something most females strive to achieve, but is it that important to have, when at the risk of your own life?

I have, in the past, paid to use the UV beds in an attempt to maintain a “natural” tan. Credit goes to Sarah Freeman, who wrote the article for changing my views.

Shocking statistics show that in the UK every day at least two or more people under the age of 35 are diagnosed with malignant melanoma – the most dangerous form of skin cancer. With so many young people suffering, it surprises me that so many of us risk adding to these numbers.

From April, under-18s are banned from using sun beds in any form of establishment, but this law may have come too late for some.

We need to build up women’s confidence, so they know they don’t have to be herded by the shepherds of society. England is famous for its pale skinned “roses” of beauty, but where are they today? Come on ladies, be different and be proud of the skin you’re in.