Wonderful care from everyone

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From: JF Taylor, Butterwick on the Wolds, Weaverthorpe, Malton.

AFTER reading Jayne Dowle’s article (Yorkshire Post, January 20), I have nothing but praise and thanks for all the help and treatment I have received from GPs and other staff at my local surgery.

The same applies to all specialists and staff at Scarborough Hospital which I have had to attend in recent years.

The efficiency, courtesy and kindness has been wonderful at all times.

At 89 years (90 if I can survive another four weeks!), I am deeply appreciative of all the help and care I receive.

I’d also like to express my thanks, not only to my family but to the people in this small village who keep an eye on me.

From: Ralph Brader, Thixendale, Malton.

FOLLOWING my eye surgery at Scarborough Hospital, I cannot praise highly enough the efficiency, friendliness of the surgeon, the nurses and staff.

Expensive wind energy

From: Edwin Bateman, South Dyke, Great Salkeld, Penrith, Cumbria.

IF I may comment on the wind farm controversy (Yorkshire Post, January 21) the facts are that the actual energy of windmills is only up to 28 per cent maximum of the figure quoted by “green” enthusiasts, which makes wind energy very expensive. They don’t work in windless weather.

On agreeing to take EU directives, UK politicians have been forced to comply with “clean energy” targets at great cost to UK citizens.

The carbon emissions from coal-based power stations have an insignificant effect on the C02 in the atmosphere.

Carbon emissions from motor vehicles can be reduced by 50 per cent by a magnetic device and fuel use cut by 14 to 19 per cent.