Wooden windows vs uPVC

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From: Barnaby Dickens, The Wood Window Alliance

I AM writing in response to a recent advertorial on the Yorkshire Post website attributed to Coral Windows.

Modern wood windows, whether traditional or contemporary in style, are double or triple glazed for exceptional energy-efficiency. The quality and engineering of wood windows in the UK has undergone a revolution in the past few years, with huge developments in technology leading to an improvement in their performance and durability – making them some of the highest quality and best value windows and doors available.

While sash windows will always provide more of a challenge because of the need for free sliding the picture painted of wooden sashes does not, in our opinion, tell the whole story. Where old sash windows tend to leak, modern sash windows are available with double-glazing and have special seals around the edges and at the meeting bar to keep warmth in and the cold out.

Many Wood Window Alliance members offer A energy-rated sash windows; this involves leak testing just as it does for PVCu windows and specialist companies can renovate old sash windows, installing double-glazing, re-fitting old seals and ultimately making them more energy-efficient.

The great thing about sash windows is that you can preserve the authenticity (and value) of your Yorkshire home without having to compromise on energy-efficiency.

The Wood Window Alliance (WWA) is dedicated to highlighting the many benefits that wooden windows can bring homeowners. According to a study by Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, wood frames have around twice the expected service life of their PVC-u counterparts, while ‘Wood-Plus’ alternatives, such as modified wood (e.g. Accoya™) or aluminium-clad timber frames can last up to 83 years when property maintained.