Words but no political action to defend British way of life

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From: Philip Smith, New Walk, Beverley.

SO David Cameron has warned that the most serious danger that Britain faces today is from insurgents lead by extremists in Iraq and Syria (The Yorkshire Post, June 18). So why are we letting these battle-hardened jihadists into or back into our country?

Well, obviously, because firstly we have no control over our borders, and secondly, we might infringe their human rights to kill us. That’s why all the thinking people I know voted Ukip last month. We will be doing the same at the general and subsequent elections until sanity – not political correctness – reigns.

From: James Anthony Bulmer, Horbury, Wakefield.

HERE we go again, with the racial and religious arguments at schools. Have the recent elections and manifestos brought this about?

I do wish that politicians (and would-be politicians) would go back in time a little and remember the ructions and wars between religious factions, who were all English speaking, living in at that time Great Britain – now the United Kingdom, which is slowly falling apart.

The present situation, which boils down to immigration, has one major issue to contend with and that is our small country is becoming overcrowded and will slowly become unable to support all these people, particularly as we already have to import a fairly large percentage of our everyday needs.

And now our Prime Minister wants all immigrants to not only speak English, but also to learn about the Magna Carta. One has to wonder how many English- speaking Britons know the Magna Carta?

From: Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet.

OUR politicians debate endlessly the impact of immigration on jobs and the economy, but the social and culture impact is far more worrying. Our British way of life is not perfect, but it’s a lot better than that of the barbaric, medieval squalor that exists in some parts of the world.

We don’t execute people for changing their religion or marrying outside it. We don’t fix elections, tolerate corruption and honour killings. Our women have equal rights in education and marriage, and are not required to disguise themselves in public. We’re expected to stand by and see our hard-won institutions taken apart.

Our spineless politicians need to start drawing some lines in the sand.