Work nearing completion on controversial park entrance

Work has nearly finished on a controversial new entrance to the Hull park which is home to the KC Stadium.

The 1.4m plan including steel entrance piers, interactive lighting columns and new paths had a rocky ride through planning where councillors dubbed bollards "tank traps".

The project should have been finished last year but got held up by the weather and a delay waiting for some of the bespoke materials. It is now garnering mixed reviews.

Local businessman Ian Matthews hit out at the use of rusty-looking Corten steel in the project, asking: "Who the hell would think something rusty would look good?" While one passer-by said it "fitted in well with boarded-up shops on Anlaby Road".

However, everyone seemed to approve of the lighting features, including curved lights from Spain, which overlook the paths. In the hours of darkness the entrance piers light up as people approach as a welcoming feature.

Bookbinder David Robinson from next door Carnegie Centre liked the rusty look: "It's quite an organic look and I think when the planting goes down and softens it I think it will start to gel and come together.

"You are never going to get what everyone wants."

The work should be completed next month.