World-class county should go it alone

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From: A Schofield, New Road, Holmfirth.

HAVING recently shown the French how to run the Tour de France, proved to cricket lovers that only Yorkshire cricketers have the ability to deal with the Indian team and taken 
the Commonwealth Games 
by storm, isn’t it time that Yorkshire became a country?

We have a population the 
same as Scotland, an economy twice the size of Wales and 
much larger than Northern Ireland.

Powers from Westminster should be devolved, Yorkshire should leave the EU and the 
three MEPs could be given their own departments in our government.

The capital should be York, the heart of financial services in Leeds and a Yorkshire passport should be issued to all established residents.

Immigration will be based upon the models used in 
sensible countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada including vocational skills, education, English language and an ability to play sport.

All newcomers must have a sense of humour, be compassionate, honest and caring and learn to sing “On Ilkley Moor Baht’at” (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, August 1).

Our share of the £14bn overseas aid budget should 
only be spent by Yorkshire firms managing the schemes in Third World countries and aid to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China and Argentina would immediately be abolished.

From: James Anthony Bulmer, Peel Street, Horbury, Wakefield.

YORKSHIRE councils really do know how to treat Yorkshire folk. They don’t charge for people to go into galleries, sculpture parks, museums, armouries, film archives etc. They subsidise the rents for shopkeepers and put millions of pounds into the upkeep of these free tourist attractions.

Just one small let down – they increase the council tax.

There are also annual government grants on most of the above attractions to help in the running of the venues etc.

Now the councils are blaming government “cuts” for the shortage of funds to repair roads, build houses, flood defences etc, all of which should have been done before the free entry to tourist attractions.

Will the anticipated wealth gained from tourism be put into housing, road repairs, old people’s homes, hospitals etc? We all know our heritage is important, but what about the present day people who are struggling to live now?

From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

FULL marks to your Editorial for highlighting the part played by deserving Tour de France winner Vincenzo Nibali and Jenkin Road in Le Grand Départ (The Yorkshire Post, July 29). While glorious North Yorkshire was undoubtedly the star of the show, none of the ordinary folk standing at the gates of their council houses will ever forget the brilliant Italian’s surge up Sheffield’s eccentric answer to Mont Ventoux. I wonder how many weekend cyclists have tested themselves on Jenkin Road since that memorable day.

I would like to see the name officially changed to Côté de Jenkin Road.

Killing in the name of faith

From: John Fisher, Menwith Hill, Harrogate.

THE killing taking place in the name of religion is destroying civilisations that in some cases have lived together peacefully for many years. It would appear that when a religion becomes an integral part of national identity then the exclusion of other religions within the country increases.

Northern Ireland has been a clear demonstration of the violent division of a nation based on religious identity.

A great effort has been made to remove apartheid in South Africa but religious apartheid has continued with little or no criticism. It is strange that attempting to prevent marriage on the grounds of ethnicity or colour would be regarded as totally unacceptable yet religion has and is still been used to prevent marriages taking place.

The Commandments are a sound base to promote peace and respect within all communities. However it would appear that when religion becomes an integral part of national identity there is a danger that the non-members of that religion could become isolated and eventually viewed as the enemy of the state.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

WOULD it not be appropriate for the various denominations of the Christian Church (Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Non-Conformist, Quaker etc) to set aside their differences and come together in order to resist the worldwide threat of militant Islam?

Bridge fines a costly fiasco

From: M Dobson, Feversham Crescent, York.

it was interesting to read the report (The Yorkshire Post, July 29) that York Council is to repay the possibly illegal fines issued during the trial traffic restrictions on York’s Lendal Bridge. No mention was made of the cost of this exercise but if my memory serves me right some £900,000 worth of fines were issued. One wonders if the person responsible for this fiasco is now standing on the naughty step, but I doubt it.