Drone sparks White House alert while Obama in India

US President Barack Obama was the chief guest yesterday at a grand display of Indian military hardware, marching bands and elaborately dressed camels, celebrating India’s annual Republic Day festivities.

The crowd erupted in cheers as Mr Obama, along with his wife Michelle, emerged from his armoured limousine and took his place on the rain-soaked parade route in the capital of New Delhi.

The parade was the centrepiece of the President’s three-day visit to India, which is aimed at strengthening a relationship between the world’s largest democracies.

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Meanwhile, a small drone crashed overnight at the White House complex in Washington, the US Secret Service confirmed.

An investigation is under way to determine its origin and identify suspects and their motive. Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said the device was a quadcopter and was about two feet (half a metre) in diameter. A quadcopter is an unmanned aircraft that is lifted by four propellers.

Mr Leary said the quadcopter was flying at low altitude before it crashed on the south east side of the executive mansion. The White House complex was immediately locked down.