EU mango ban is sweet news for Indians

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Indians are feasting on some of the world’s most succulent mangoes after the European Union banned imports of the fruit, producing a glut and rock-bottom prices for local consumers.

The EU has banned imports of Indian mangoes, including the Alphonso, considered the king of all the varieties grown in South Asia, because a large number of shipments were contaminated with fruit flies. The pests are considered a threat to crops grown in Europe.

“Those jittery Europeans have taken fright at some fruit flies in our mango exports, flies which they fear will wreak havoc on their tomatoes and cucumbers,” the Times of India said. “Imagine sacrificing the king of fruits for salad!”

In Mumbai, mangoes are now selling for 150-550 rupees (£1.47-£5.40) a kilogram, about £1.17-£1.76 below prices last week.