Parents of gunned-down teenager demand sacking of apologetic police chief

The parents of the black teenager gunned down by police in Ferguson, Missouri, have rejected an apology by the city’s top cop, saying he should be sacked and the white officer who shot their son arrested.

Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, said “Yes” when asked if Chief Tom Jackson should be fired, and his father, Michael, said rather than an apology, they would rather see Officer Darren Wilson arrested for the death of their 18-year-old son on August 9, which sparked widespread rioting.

“An apology would be when Darren Wilson has handcuffs, processed and charged with murder,” Mr Brown said.

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The shooting of the unarmed teenager sparked days of violent protests and racial unrest in the predominantly black community.

Some residents and civil rights activists have said responding police officers were overly aggressive, noting their use of tear gas and surplus military vehicles and gear. The shooting and police response to the protests stoked a national discourse about police tactics and race.

Mr Brown called the looting that has been interspersed with the protests “disrespectful”, but said: “First Amendment protesting? They have that right.”

The First Amendment guarantees such basic rights as freedom of speech and assembly.

“There’s going to continue to be unrest until they do what should be done,” Ms McSpadden 
added, referring to Ferguson officials.

Police say Michael was shot after a scuffle broke out when Officer Wilson told him and a friend to move out of the street and on to the pavement. Officer Wilson was pushed into his squad car and attacked, police say.

Some witnesses reported seeing Michael’s arms in the air in an act of surrender. A post-mortem examination found he was shot at least six times. Relatives denounced a video released by police, who say it shows Michael snatching cigars from a convenience store just before he was killed.