Soil tests in missing union boss mystery

Investigators are to take soil samples from the ground beneath a Michigan driveway today after a man told police he believes he witnessed the burial of missing Teamsters union leader Jimmy Hoffa around 35 years ago.

Roseville police chief James Berlin said his department received a tip from a man who said he saw a body buried and “thinks it may have been Jimmy he saw interred”.

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“We are not claiming it’s Jimmy Hoffa, the timeline doesn’t add up,” Mr Berlin said. “We’re investigating a body that may be at the location.”

Hoffa was last seen on July 30 1975, outside a Detroit restaurant where he was supposed to meet a New Jersey Teamsters boss and a Detroit Mafia captain. Innumerable theories about the demise of the union boss have surfaced over time. Some say he was entombed in concrete at Giants Stadium in New Jersey, ground up and thrown in a Florida swamp or obliterated in a mob-owned fat-rendering plant.