World's fastest tractor crowned in York as it stars in Guy Martin's Channel 4 TV show

JCB’s Fastrac has been crowned the world’s fastest tractor at Elvington Airfield in York with TV personality Guy Martin at the wheel.

The Fastrac - designed and built by a team of young engineers in Staffordshire - secured the Guinness World Record with a speed of 135.191 mph.

The story of the tractor’s development and record-breaking journey was told in a TV documentary on Channel 4 last night called ‘Guy Martin: The World’s Fastest Tractor.’

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The achievement comes after JCB set its first Guinness World Record for the fastest tractor at Elvington in June 2019. Fastrac One reached a speed of 103.6 mph with Guy Martin in the driver’s seat.

The Fastrac secured the Guinness World Record with aspeed of 135.191 mph.

JCB then embarked on an ambitious plan to break its own record and developed Fastrac Two – which was 10% lighter and was even more streamlined than its smaller brother.

Fastrac Two hit an astonishing peak speed of 153.771mph on its way to recording an average of 135.191mph at Elvington.

Guy Martin said: “This has been a massive undertaking, and I was a very small cog in the machine. It was a proper privilege to be involved, so thank you very much to JCB and its engineering team, who got this tractor absolutely spot-on.

"Just look at it, they get stuff done, it’s brilliant, and it is still a working tractor, so could have gone straight into the nearest field to put in a shift.”

The story of the tractors development was told in a TV documentary on Channel 4 last night called Guy Martin: The Worlds Fastest Tractor

A team of JCB engineers has been working on the project to further develop the tractor over the last few months and today JCB Chairman Lord Bamford praised their achievement.

He said: “When we reached 103.6mph with the Fastrac in the summer, I was convinced we could go even faster, and the JCB team has risen to the challenge by setting this new record.

"It’s an amazing achievement delivered by a young and enthusiastic engineering team. Everyone involved should be very proud of the part they have played in showing off British engineering at its very best.”

The record-breaking attempt was overseen by Guinness World Records, who confirmed that the JCB Fastrac completed two runs, in either direction through a speed trap set 1km apart, within the allotted time, to set the 135.191mph record.

JCB Chief Innovation and Growth Officer Tim Burnhope said: “Fastrac One really proved to us that there are no limits to what a young and dynamic engineering team can achieve.

"So we pushed boundaries and ideas, and looked at all aspects of the project to find solutions and make improvements.

"The biggest challenges have included aerodynamics, reducing weight and improving performance – getting a five-tonne tractor to safely reach 150mph, and stop again, is not an easy task, but we’re all so proud to have not only reached these goals, but to have exceeded them.”