Worst in the universe?

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From: Christohper Lawson, Cookridge, Leeds.

ONCE again, I find it necessary to complain about the miserable outfit that professes to operate the Harrogate line.

On Monday, the 17.29 train out of Leeds for Harrogate left at about 17.40. On Tuesday, the 17.29 train left at 17.44. The guard made some half-hearted apology blaming the late arrival of the incoming train.

Why do Northern bother having a timetable when they quite clearly have no intention of running to it? Northern must have a Book of Excuses to explain why trains run late or not at all.

The one excuse they never use is the totally inept management who have yet to show that they vaguely understand how to run a railway.

Northern must surely be the worst railway organisation in the universe. Do others agree?

All aboard the gravy train

From: Jeremy Kilner, Choppards Mill, Holmfirth.

GEORGE Appleby suggests that we should have a “none of the above” option on voting forms (Yorkshire Post, October 4).

I quite agree with him, but I have always got over the problem of not having this option on European election forms by putting an X opposite every candidate and scrawling “all aboard the gravy train” on the form. I realise that it is probably illegal to do this, but, hopefully, it makes someone smile in the polling station.

Number idea

From: John Barnes, Woodhead Road, Honley.

CAN I offer a simple but effective suggestion to reduce the theft of metals (Yorkshire Post, October 5)? Make it illegal for dealers to accept goods unless they register either the passport or driving licence number of their customers.