Yes, we do need shopping centre to revive city

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From: Mrs P M Rhodes, Allerton, Bradford.

CAN Bradford really bloom again? I cannot disagree more with Mrs Strachan (Yorkshire Post, May 12) when she suggests that turning Forster Square into an open-air market and garden would be a much better use of the area than Westfield development.

She suggests that a Westfield-type of development would be a clone of so many others. So be it. That is exactly what people want – shops where we can buy decent clothes, furniture, household goods etc.

Later in her letter Mrs Strachan suggests what we need in Bradford is shoppers. Where then are they to shop? Are they to get their clothes from an open-air market? She states that shoppers go to Leeds or out of town shops rather than Bradford city centre.

Of course they do – for the shops we would see in the Westfield development.

I also hope that the suggestion to pull down the old Post Office building doesn’t happen! How would an open-air market and garden attract tourists?

However, I do believe that Mrs Strachan’s idea for the Odeon is excellent with the suggestion of a cultural centre with museums, decent restaurants etc.

It is time the matter of the Odeon is settled once and for all and something done with it for the benefit of all. In final response – yes, I do hope that Bradford can bloom once again. We just need to let those people who want to save the Odeon get on with the job and stop procrastinating.