Yobs behaving better despite failure of wind-powered light

A £4,000 state-of-the-art wind-powered street light installed by a Yorkshire council after residents complained of being plagued by yobs, is still not working nearly a year after it was set up.

Harrogate Borough Council decided to install the hi-tech light, which is charged from a wind generator and solar panel and cost nearly 4,000, on a footpath running through Coppice Park after a campaign by residents for help against anti-social behaviour in the area.

But despite requests for normal street lights along Luchon Way, the footpath running through the park, the money was spent on one single light that has never worked in the eight months it has been installed.

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Councillor Matthew Webber said: "After a long campaign residents were delighted to see this light installed.

"It would have been a good and environmentally friendly solution – had it worked.

"The fact that it still doesn't work eight months later is an indictment of this council who, in this case, seem to have little regard for getting value for public money."

A council spokeswoman said: "The solar-powered lighting column has not been as successful as we would have hoped.

"The Harrogate District Community Safety Partnership is in touch with the provider to see if the problems can be overcome.

"On a positive note, the partnership is pleased to note that despite the problems with the light, there have been few recent reports of anti-social behaviour in the park."