Yorkshire bride's hilarious wedding dance video with dad goes viral

This is the hilarious moment a Yorkshire bride and her dad become a viral web sensation with their amazing wedding dance video.

Amie Milner and dad Ian show off their dance moves in the viral wedding video
Amie Milner and dad Ian show off their dance moves in the viral wedding video

Amie Milner and proud dad Ian Richards strutted around the dancefloor to whoops and cheers as they bopped to a string of hits – and the video of their unique and funny routine has become a smash hit with more than 15,000 views.

READ: Wetherspoons pub in Yorkshire closes for deep clean after staff fall illAnd Amie from Doncaster, who tied the knot with husband Liam on Saturday, says she’s stunned at how popular the video of the pair dancing to songs such as the Monkees' Daydream Believer, One Step Beyond by Madness and Single Ladies by Beyonce has become.

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She said: “The response has been absolutely incredible. All kinds of people have been watching it and saying how amazing it is.

Amie Milner and dad Ian show off their dance moves in the viral wedding video

“Even though it was my wedding day, people have been saying that dad was the star of the day and telling me: ‘Your dad’s a legend.”

In the clip, the pair can be seen ‘Nutty Boy’ dancing to ska legends Madness – complete with shades – before launching into a disco dance routine to the Bee Gees’ classic Stayin’ Alive.

The pair then rock out to Queen’s much-loved Bohemian Rhapsody with a few headbanging and air guitar moves before copying Beyonce’s sultry moves on Single Ladies.

Dance teacher Amie, 29, who lives in Edlington, came up with the idea shortly after getting engaged to Liam, also 29 – and since then, her and her dad, a former police officer, have been having secret lessons to hone their routine.

The dance routine formed part of the celebrations for Amie's marriage to Liam

She said: “We managed to keep it a secret from everyone until the night. People knew something was going on because dad was going to the studio with me but no-one knew what was going to happen or what the songs were going to be.”

“People had asked if me and Liam were going to do a dance routine but we just wanted an ordinary romantic one and that’s where the idea came up to do something with my dad.”

Amie said the choice of songs tied into her and her 53-year-old dad’s love of the same songs and added: “He loves Madness, so we had to have that in there. And when I was a kid we used to headbang together to Queen.”

But right up until a few moments before unveiling their slick dance moves to their 130 guests at Thoresby Park near Newark, the pair were sneaking in a few last minute rehearsals.

READ: Heavy landing for flight at Leeds Bradford Airport as Storm Ali blows inAdded Amie: “I wasn't nervous because I dance all the time but dad wanted to have one last quick run through, so while they were setting the buffet out, we sneaked off and did the routine out of sight of everyone else!”

Such was the incredible response to the pair’s antics, Amie and her dad reprised the routine once more at the end of the night as cameras captured their moves.

She said: “People were chanting my dad’s name. He was brilliant and it went absolutely perfectly. People got to see a different side to him.”