Yorkshire council's warning to parents over co-sleeping risks

PARENTS ARE being warned of the dangers of sharing their beds with their babies following a review of infant deaths by a West Yorkshire council.

Dr Shirley Brierley, chairwoman of the city's Child Death Overview Panel.

Bradford’s Child Death Overview Panel issued the warning amid continuing cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

They included cases where there were additional risk factors such as parents drinking alcohol before co-sleeping.

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Dr Shirley Brierley, chairwoman of the panel, said: “Unfortunately, we see cases every year which involve children dying from SIDS. Although no-one knows exactly what causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, there are some known factors which are associated with an increased risk.

“No one would want their baby to come to harm and a few simple steps could help reduce the chance of another tragedy from happening in the district.”

The panel’s annual report for 2015/16 features eight key recommendations highlighting changes in behaviour which might help to prevent a death.

Among them is parents not sharing a bed with their babies, especially if they have been drinking, taking drugs or smoking.

Dr Brierley said: “The advice is to place your baby on their back to sleep, in their own cot in the same room with you. Place them so their feet are touching the end of the cot and never sleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair.

“Keep your home free of cigarette smoke at all times, breastfeed if you can and try not to let your baby become too hot; all these
actions can help to reduce the risks.”