Yorkshire firms can find trading partners

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The Enterprise Europe Network, created by the European Commission, provides free support to Yorkshire and Humber companies wishing to make the most of the European marketplace.

The network can help you develop your business in new markets, source or license new technologies and access EU funding. In partnership with The Yorkshire Post, Enterprise Europe is providing a regular list of opportunities for Yorkshire companies through a new column. Here is this week’s selection of business opportunities.

A small Czech company dealing with renewable energy is looking for a partner with experience in direct methanol fuel cell production. They are developing a pilot device capable of working as an off-grid source of energy. The company has already undertaken live trials in its existing housing stock, and it is seeking manufacturers of suitable technologies to explore improvements and cost reduction strategies in direct methanol fuel cell technology.

A German food processing company from Lower Saxony is searching for new technologies to help it detect and eject foreign material during the processing of vegetables. The company prefers fully developed technologies from industrial partners. The SME (small or medium-sized enterprise) is active in the processing of fresh and frozen agricultural commodities. Potential types of co-operation could include a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A French SME designing systems to curtail floating pollution is looking for a technical partner to help develop an intelligent skimmer that can be remotely controlled.

An Indian company, engaged in healthcare IT products and services, is seeking a technology collaborator in the area of telemedicine, tele-consultation products and patient monitoring services to develop low-cost health monitoring devices.

A Spanish technological company has developed a tool for easy generation and management of mobile applications. It is looking for licensing and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

To find out more about these opportunities and many more available, call 0800 052 8156 or e-mail info@ee-yorkshire.com or visit www.ee-yorkshire.com