Yorkshire folk more likely to research their handyman than cosmetic surgeon

Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire
Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire
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PEOPLE in Yorkshire are more like to thoroughly research their household handyman than their cosmetic surgeon, a new survey suggests.

Just 32 per cent said they would speak to a consultant directly when seeking advice on health matters such as cosmetic surgery or dentistry - and only 10 per cent admitted reading specialist media as research.

In comparison, 38 per cent said they were most likely to scrutinise household handymen, while more than 56 per cent said that they would carefully examine various holiday packages before booking.

Harley Street cosmetic surgeon Dr Foued Hamza said: “Cosmetic surgery is a life changing procedure so it’s concerning that these results reveal that people aren’t taking adequate measures to research their medical practitioner sufficiently and this could indicate that Brits are too trusting of something as important as our health.

“It’s crucial that you always check a practitioner’s qualifications and read testimonials and reviews to find out about their reputation. Speak to previous patients to hear about their experience and even go and get a second opinion with another doctor to compare.”