Yorkshire MEP hopeful on anti-terror data measure

Yorkshire MEP Timothy Kirkhope
Yorkshire MEP Timothy Kirkhope
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EURO MP Timothy Kirkhope has expressed hope that an agreement can be reached by the end of the year on a system which will see airline passenger data used to help combat terrorism and international crime in Europe.

Mr Kirkhope, one of Yorkshire’s MEPs, is leading efforts to bring a European Union-wide system to allow police and security services to use information known as passenger name records to track those suspected of terrorism or serious crimes.

The idea is supported by European Governments and the European Commision but objections have been raised by MEPs concerned about how the data is stored and the scope of crimes covered by the system.

Speaking at a meeting of the parliament’s civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee which must agree the measure, Mr Kirkhope said: “Did we think this would be an easy task? No. But I do believe we are trying to find solutions by working together closely.

“I am still convinced of the necessity and proportionality of the instrument.

“The threats we face are real and we need to find solutions.”

The full European Parliament has set a target for agreement to be reached on the measure by the end of the year.