Yorkshire motorbike fan jailed after running onto the road during Isle of Man TT practice session

A man who caused an Isle of Man TT practice session to be delayed when he ran onto the track has been jailed in the island's only prison.

James William Ford, from Bingley, has been given a four-week custodial sentence by the island's courts and banned from attending the event for five years.

He was seen on a closed section of the road at Crosby on Monday evening while TT riders were practicing, leading to the session being halted for safety reasons while he was detained.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of obstructing/hindering conduct of a race and failing to comply with requirements imposed by a marshal in front of the Isle of Man's deputy high bailiff, Jayne Hughes, on Tuesday afternoon.

He was handed a four-week prison sentence and a five-year exclusion order was imposed.

The island's constabulary are known for their tough stance on reckless behaviour among spectators during the annual TT races, which draw thousands of motorsport fans to the British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea every May.

The Isle of Man has only one functioning prison, a 144-capacity medium-security facility at Jurby which was opened in 2008, replacing the old Victoria Road jail in the capital, Douglas.