Yorkshire police station cat has owners - but 'refuses to go home'

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Adorable police cat Oscar has captured the hearts of his social media fans.

The moggy has taken up residence in Holmfirth police station after being traumatised following a road accident - but there's a twist in this TAIL.

The cute puss actually has owners - but prefers the cop shop instead!

Oscar was hit by a car outside the police base on Huddersfield Road, and needed an operation. He has since refused to return to his home, and now has a bed at the nick and is cared for by officers.

His popular Twitter account @stationmoggy is curated by a cat-loving PCSO called Karen Giwisser.

Oscar, a Huddersfield Town fan, has been pictured checking emails, relaxing on a police uniform jacket and patrolling the perimeter of the station.

The staff feed him and have provided him with a cosy new bed.

His owners are aware of his wanderings, and know where to find him if he isn't in their garden.

His presence apparently boosts staff morale - we're not surprised!