The Yorkshire Post says: Farewell to Harry Leslie Smith, one of county's finest

The outpouring of tributes that have been paid to Barnsley-born Harry Leslie Smith underline just what an exceptional individual he was.

Harry Leslie Smith has passed away at the age of 95.
Harry Leslie Smith has passed away at the age of 95.

Having lived through the Great Depression and a world war and the Cold War, witnessing many social changes along the way, his life experiences shaped his world view and passion for social justice.

Throughout his life, he fought many a battle; not just as a serving member of the RAF during the Second World War, but also as a critic of austerity and a champion of human rights and the welfare state in doing what he believed what best for his country.

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That he continued to do so until the very end - the 95-year-old’s last stand was touring refugee hotspots to, in his words, document and find a solution to the crisis - is testament to his committed character.

Much can be learnt from his integrity and his unwavering fight for what he believed in.

Rest in peace Harry, one of Yorkshire’s finest.