The Yorkshire Post says: Heritage sites tell human stories and need protecting

At a time when the nation is reflecting on its history as the First World War's centenary is marked, it is great news that fewer sites now make up England's national list of threatened heritage.

The Kasbah conservation area, Grimsby, which is among places added to England's national list of threatened heritage. Picture: Alun Bull/Historic England/PA Wire

Thanks are owed to those communities, charities and owners whose dogged determination has seen 318 places rescued and removed from the list this year - but sadly 242 more have come to light and are deemed to be at risk.

Several thousand locations including historic buildings, archeological sites, parks and even battlefields are still under threat of neglect and decay – including many in this region.

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These sites need protecting; it is not just about conserving structures and spaces, but about safeguarding some of Yorkshire’s unique selling points and preserving the human stories that go hand-in-hand with each location.

After all, it is the tales of all those affected by the Great War that have really brought home its poignancy for people today.