The Yorkshire Post says: Holocaust survivors demonstrate triumph of the human spirit

The moving and eloquent testimony of the group of Yorkshire-based Holocaust survivors who have helped launch a new £1m education centre at the University of Huddersfield speaks volumes as to precisely why such a facility is needed.

Heinz Skyte, Trude Silman and Arek Hersh in the new centre.

They experienced unimaginable horrors – and the deaths of many family members – as children during the war, before going on build new lives in Yorkshire and make great contributions to society in stories that represent nothing less than a triumph of the human spirit.

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Now in their 80s and 90s, and with many of their fellow survivors now having passed away, they have shared their stories and contributed to the setting up of the new Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre in Yorkshire, one of only two such facilities in England. The centre is particularly aimed at schools, with the hope that providing children with better knowledge of the evils of the past will build a better future.