The Yorkshire Post says: Why the EU may try to maximise Theresa May's weakness in negotiations

LEAVING aside the mockery that Theresa May received from some MPs as she updated Parliament on Brexit following her Florence speech, the Prime Minister was right to signal her desire for a '˜creative' trading arrangement with the European Union.

Common sense suggests that it is in the interests of both sides to develop a bespoke model rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

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Mrs May also reiterated her promise to honour the UK’s budget undertakings and will commit to those programmes, like research and security, that have mutual benefits – Britain is not leaving Europe.

However, while she must guard against those in her party scheming to engineer her downfall, she must also be wary of the European Union’s own negotiating tactics that are equally Machiavellian. They will delay in the hope of securing further concessions and maximising the PM’s weakness.

Mrs May says the Government is preparing for every eventuality. She now needs to demonstrate to the EU – and also Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who accused Ministers of making a mess of the negotiations – that there’s a viable plan B when European Union membership ceases in March 2019.