The Yorkshire Post says: York's coronation a stark contrast to Sheffield's tree woes

It will come as little surprise to those who are fortunate enough to live in York but the fact that a new guide has crowned the walled city as the best place to live in Britain is still an undoubted cause for celebration.

Police arrest a tree protester in Sheffield
Police arrest a tree protester in Sheffield

The accolade has been granted as a result of its combination of historic beauty and well-planned modernisation, according to The Sunday Times Best Places to Live list.

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The guide cited the city’s trendy cafes, innovative technology firms and stunning attractions like York Minster, as reasons for its position at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, its victory stands in stark contrast to fellow Yorkshire city Sheffield, which the Sunday Times rejected for this year’s list because of the ongoing “bitter battle over council-backed plans for mass tree-felling”. It is further proof the trees situation must be properly resolved in the coming months to allow a wonderful city to start rebuilding its nationally-damaged reputation.