Yorkshire teacher who told pupil he 'fancied her all through school' is banned

A PE teacher who told a student to "come in a box" to his house so that he could "unwrap her" has been banned from the profession.

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Paul Cuthbertson, 37, told the student, named as Pupil A to protect her identity, he "fancied her all through school and had let her get away with things because he liked naughty girls", or words to that effect, a professional conduct panel concluded. He said meeting him would be "naughty and exciting" and told her he would like to kiss her, while also adding her on Snapchat and Instagram. He also told another pupil, named as Pupil Z, he was going to "check out the talent in Aldi" and described her as his "best mate". Cuthbertson had been employed at the school - South Craven Academy Trust in Keighley - since September 1 2006 as a PE teacher. In addition to his teaching role, he also undertook many extra-curricular activities, including coaching the girls' football team. The panel found Cuthbertson had used Facebook Messenger to communicate with the pupils and had sent Pupil A a Snapchat message stating he "fancied her all through school". He also sent a Snapchat of his face to the pupil which said he had no top on as he was "going swimming". The allegations came to light after another pupil witnessed contact between Mr Cuthbertson and Pupil A and communicated this to the school on Friday January 22 2016. The communication took place between 2015 and the beginning of 2016. Mr Cuthbertson was suspended on January 25 2016 pending investigation but later resigned on January 31 2016. The investigation continued and was conducted as though Mr Cuthbertson had not resigned and was still a teacher. Mr Cuthbertson participated in the school's investigation. The panel's concluded there was "evidence of immaturity and insufficient insight into his behaviour" from Cuthbertson. In the professional conduct panel outcome reporter, the panel stated: "Accordingly, the panel makes a recommendation to the Secretary of State that a prohibition order should be imposed with immediate effect." Cuthbertson was prohibited from teaching indefinitely and cannot teach in any school, sixth form college, relevant youth accommodation or children's home in England. He cannot apply for the prohibition order to be set aside until 2019, two years from the date of this order at the earliest.

Dr Andrew Cummings, headteacher at South Craven School, said: "Paul Cuthbertson resigned from South Craven School in January 2016 during an investigation into unacceptable professional conduct whilst employed as a PE teacher.

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"The school took action as soon as the allegations came to light and Mr Cuthbertson was immediately suspended.

"The school supported by safeguarding agencies continued the investigation even though Mr Cuthbertson had resigned and reported their findings to the relevant authorities, which resulted in Mr Cuthbertson's prohibition from teaching.

"The welfare and safety of our students is always our primary concern."