Yorkshire’s Quiz of the Year for 2011

TEST your knowledge of our region with our 50 fun questions based on the events of the year. No cheating now!

1. Which Leeds-born broadcaster, who died in October aged 84, was buried in Scarborough – his casket placed at a 45-degree angle as if looking out to sea?

2. When amateur poet John Hakes set out with a giant fibreglass toad, inspired by the Larkin with Toads celebration in Hull, on a journey round the country which celebrities did he visit?

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3. Which peer of the realm who died this year was reported to have had a warrant for his execution signed personally by Hitler?

4. What do scientists hope to send down a huge new pipeline running across Yorkshire and out into vast storage reservoirs beneath the North Sea?

5. What does German technology giant Siemens plan to make at its proposed new £90m factory at the Port of Hull?

6. How much did Yorkshire’s 22 local councils cut spending by in March after their budgets were reduced by Whitehall?

7. Which iconic Yorkshire firm drove an old ice cream van across the USA to hand out free drinks to thirsty holiday-makers?

8. What did Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, MP for Morley and Outwood, reveal makes him cry?

9. In which city do leading specialists hope to carry out the UK’s first hand transplant?

10. Which Yorkshire town looks set to lose its full A&E service even though its hospital was revamped in a £66m development completed only in February?

11. Which “retail guru” visited Rotherham in 2011 and declared that its retailers were “better than some in the heart of London”?

12. Which chart-topping boyband left stadium bosses in Doncaster with a financial headache after their concert in the town made a loss?

13. Which celebrity chef opened a restaurant in Leeds in 2011?

14. Where was a bogus wedding ceremony raided by police who arrested the bride, groom and five others?

15. Which police force asked its officers to seek out cheap supermarket fuel when refilling their vehicles?

16. Which Yorkshire-born international rugby star married Zara Phillips in the summer?

17. The bill for putting elected mayors into which four Yorkshire cities was put at more than £3.5m?

18. What was blamed for a string of false alarms that a plane had crashed at Whitley, close to the border of North and West Yorkshire?

19. Five thousand clay figures made by children and pensioners filled which Cathedral as part of an art project to bring together the young and the old?

20. Fed up with potholes on roads near their farm on an estate near York, how did father and son Allison and Philip Raley get round the problem?

21. Which college announced plans to attract international students for degree courses in mining?

22. On which coalfield site were details announced of plans for an “iconic” Chinese cultural and leisure development?

23. Which MP called for action after it emerged an 18-year-old girl had been quoted £53,000 for car insurance cover?

24. Which TV personality, better known for doing deals on the property market, managed to shear a sheep at the start of the Great Yorkshire Show?

25. Which former model and television presenter, who now works to make living with burns and scars easier for burns survivors after suffering a brutal acid attack, opened the new burns unit at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital?

26. Which Yorkshire MP, who arrived in Westminster only last year, is now Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury?

27. Where were hundreds of homes left without power after thieves brought down 11,000-volt overhead power cables to steal copper?

28. Which famous Yorkshire television personality is the patron of the planned free school in Rotherham which was approved this year?

29. Which Yorkshire acting star launched a withering attack on the Government plans to charge university tuition fees of £9,000 this year?

30. Which Yorkshire city boasts the most sustainable new building in the world which opened this year?

31. How did chefs at Bradford College make their way into the Guinness Book of Records this year?

32. Which Yorkshire MP was treated for a brain tumour?

33. A great grandmother who won £1.5m on the lottery announced she had no plans to leave her three bedroom semi in which town near Leeds?

34. What is the planned development at Allerton Park in Knaresborough which has so upset people living nearby?

35. Where did the Liberal Democrat spring conference take place?

36. Which senior member of the clergy claimed greed should be made as socially unacceptable as racism and homophobia in a stinging attack on the wealthiest sections of society?

37. Which hotel became the first in Yorkshire to secure the AA’s coveted five star ranking?

38. Which country did the award-winning production of The Railway Children, which premiered at the National Railway Museum in York in 2008, go on tour to in May?

39. Which former union leader from Yorkshire faced legal action in the High Court earlier this year as he battled to retain his £34,000 a year grace and favour London flat?

40. Which member of the Royal Family recently landed in York by helicopter to meet families of troops heading out to Afghanistan?

41. Where was the first shooting party in the country to eat a grouse on the Glorious 12th and how long did it take?

42. What derelict 18th century Georgian water mill has been converted into the only hydro-powered cinema in the country?

43. Television presenters Harry Gration and Christa Ackroyd received honorary awards from which two education establishments in Yorkshire this year?

44. Which five universities in Yorkshire have decided to charge the same top level fees as Oxford and Cambridge?

45. Which Lincolnshire land of kiss-me-quick believes it can take on paradise by holding weddings on its beach?

46. Which Yorkshire town became a magnet for “vegetable tourists” after locals waged a campaign of “guerrilla gardening”?

47. Taxi driver Alan Billis made history by being the first in over 3,000 years to be what, in a procedure carried out in Sheffield?

48. For how many days will the Olympic torch visit Yorkshire?

49. To the closest £5,000, what is the average cost of a home in Yorkshire according to the National Housing Federation? And what is the average cost in the region’s property hotspot, North Yorkshire?

50. What was the name of the first tree hugger to climb the 100 year-old beech at Irton, near Scarborough, in an attempt to save it from the axe?