You’re getting on our nerves, recruitment agency tells jobseeker

Daniel Holland. Pictures: Ross Parry Agency
Daniel Holland. Pictures: Ross Parry Agency
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A JOBSEEKER was left “angry and upset” after being sent an offensive email from the recruitment company that was meant to be finding him work.

Father-of-two Daniel Holland emailed The HR Experts for feedback after being turned down for a job, but received a reply sent accidently by a staff member telling him he got on their nerves.

Daniel Holland's email

Daniel Holland's email

The former Navy able seaman said: “I was initially angry when I saw it. They are a recruitment firm, they’re meant to help me find work and instead I got this.

“I simmered down after a couple of hours but this was not a professional response.

“It is out of order when you are out of work and trying really hard to get work, then you get an email like this and you get disheartened. It was a blow when I read it.

“You see all these programmes with people living on benefits. Then you are searching for work and then you get knocked back and think what’ the point?

“It has a had a really negative affect on me.

“They shouldn’t treat people like that. I’ll definitely not going to use them again.”

Mr Holland, from Doncaster, said he sent the email on June 19 and later received the offending reply 10 minutes later.

Sharon Swift, managing director of The HR Experts, apologised for any offence caused by the unintended message.

She said: “This type of email communication is not acceptable and is certainly not behaviour the company encourages.

“The individual concerned has been spoken to and measures have been put in place to ensure that communication like this does not happen again.

“The HR Experts are deeply sorry that Daniel experienced this type of behaviour and would like to wish him every success in the future.”