Young family posing as daytrippers to raid beauty-spot cars

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A YOUNG family are believed to be behind a spate of thefts from lone female dog walkers in Yorkshire.

The couple and two young children have been spotted at the scenes of a series of car break-ins in Leeds in the last month.

Police said they masquerade as day-trippers by parking at popular beauty spots including Golden Acre Park, Otley Chevin and Eccup Reservoir.

They then prey on cars containing valuables that have been left by unsuspecting women taking dogs for a walk.

Insp Richard Coldwell, who is in charge of the Aireborough and Wharfedale Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Anyone seeing them parked up in the car 
park would think they are an ordinary family on a day out in the country.

“Unfortunately under this guise of family anonymity they are waiting until unsuspecting victims arrive, watching them put their valuables into the boot and breaking into the car as soon as the victims are out of sight.”

Insp Coldwell said there were 10 incidents in the area his team covers in October. But he estimates the thieves may have 
been responsible for more than twice as many thefts after hearing reports from other parts of 
Leeds, North Yorkshire and Ilkley Moor.

Plain-clothes officers have been deployed in an operation to catch the thieves.