Young put TV host Fry in premier league...

TV personality Stephen Fry was the most popular choice for prime minister in a survey which found fewer than one in 10 young people thinks politicians can be trusted.

The Children's Society poll of more than 1,000 11- 25-year-olds found 30 per cent believed Fry would be the best prime minister, compared to 21 per cent who chose one of the current party leaders. Only nine per cent said politicians could be trusted and just eight per cent believed politicians cared about young people's views.

Fewer than one in 20 young people said they believed politicians acted in the best interests of young people and just nine per cent felt the Government cared about the area where they lived. Only 14 per cent believed a new government after the general election would make a positive difference to their lives.

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The poll also found three-quarters of young people would not like to be a politician in future with just one in 10 saying they fancied the job.

Bob Reitemeier, chief executive of The Children's Society, said: "The next government clearly has a lot of work to do to restore young people's confidence in politicians. We must all work to create a political system which is relevant and responsive to the interests of the generation who will ultimately be relied upon to carry it forward."

Young people were also asked about the next government's priorities and six out of 10 agreed tackling negative attitudes towards young people should be a priority. Seven in 10 agreed that ensuring children were not discriminated against because of their age should be a government priority.