You're dumped: Happy couple in '˜stolen' wedding album don't want it back

POLICE took to Twitter to find the owners of wedding album - only to find they didn't want it back.

The original police tweet

The album was handed in to the police after a member of the public found it in a bin and was concerned it had been stolen.

But after an initial trawl, officers were forced to update their Twitter feed with the news that the owner did not want it returned.

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West Yorkshire Police’s Kirklees Rural branch appealed to find the pair after it was found in rubbish in Holmfirth.

After people replied suggesting there may have been a reason it had been dumped in a bin, police said it “looks like it will be staying with us”.

The force tweeted: “Wedding Album Mystery SOLVED! Looks like although it was handed in in good faith, the owner doesn’t want it back #awkward.”