YP Comment: Corbyn's flaws on show at PMQs

There are many words to describe Jeremy Corbyn's leadership but the latest barbed criticism from the Prime Minister may well just stick '“ incredible.

Photo credit should read: PA Wire

Theresa May has not had a sudden political conversion and joined the ranks of Mr Corbyn’s admirers in Momentum when she made the assessment of his abilities at Prime Minister’s Questions. Instead she was reflecting the nation’s incredulity that he is Leader of the Opposition.

Mr Corbyn had a strong hand to play at PMQs after Government was accused of sneaking out plans to strip benefit entitlements from 160,000 disabled people, but he failed – yet again – to make his mark.

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Rather than having to properly address the genuine concerns about a policy due to affect military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, stroke victims and dementia sufferers, Mrs May was able to simply turn the spotlight back on the beleaguered Labour leader’s qualities.

She revealed Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Debbie Abrahams failed to respond for four days after being informed about the disability changes out of courtesy by her Conservative counterpart Damian Green. And perhaps even more damningly, Mrs May noted that shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth admitted that his party had no financial plan in place to meet the costs of reversing the Government’s policy.

Labour is currently in no fit state to govern the country, never mind act as an effective Opposition. Mr Corbyn’s leadership is indeed an incredible gift to the Prime Minister at this moment in time.