YP Comment: Princes honour Diana’s legacy

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IT IS impossible not to be moved by the heartfelt tributes to Princess Diana by her two sons, William and Harry, as the 20th anniversary of her tragic and untimely death approaches.

Theirs was the most public of bereavements, and the millions who mourned Diana had at the forefront of their minds the image of two young boys who were plainly struggling to cope with the loss of their mother.

As it remembers Diana, the country can reflect that the princes overcame their loss to grow into young men who are amongst the Royal Family’s most popular members, and show every sign of ensuring that the institution is fit for the future.

Both have a genuinely popular touch and a bond with the people that is characterised by affection and a concern for the less fortunate.

That honours Diana’s legacy of public duty, and pays eloquent tribute to her memory.