YP Letters: A little logic needed in thinking of today’s Government

Many people are fed up with the road network in this country. (YPN).
Many people are fed up with the road network in this country. (YPN).
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From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

I have to admit that I completely fail to understand governments. The NHS is in crisis owing to underfunding and still lavishing free care on health tourists.

The prison service is desperately short of staff and yet, instead of deporting foreign crooks we incarcerate them and allow them to remain here to commit more crime when they are released. The police service is now non-existent in rural areas, yet we still have speeding drivers and petty crooks allowed free rein on our roads and in our shops. Theft of stock and tools from farms is an ongoing problem.

The immigration service might as well be disbanded as there are thousands of illegals living and working here.

Still, despite the aforementioned problems the Government insists on sending money to corrupt nations in the form of foreign aid and still insists on spending billions on HS2 and beyond to save minutes on a London trip, which only the rich will be able to afford. In the meantime the roads will remain clogged up with lorries because goods rail movement will be too expensive and goods will still have to use road transport to deliver from railheads. A little logical thinking would not come amiss but do not hold your breath.

From: Mrs C A Gannon, Flats Lane, Barwick in Elmet, Leeds.

I wholeheartedly agree with Sue Hillarby’s recent comments about bus services in Leeds and their lack of reliability.

Most car drivers would not swap to using the bus service owing to the unreliability factor and some who did have now gone back to their cars.

I attend hospital regularly and have to allow at least one and half hours travel time on buses to ensure I arrive for my appointment – just in case one does not appear when it is supposed to.

I spoke to a gentleman in Cross Gates a few days ago who told me that he and others 
had waited two hours in vain for their “hourly” service and in the end they had paid for taxis to get home.

What a disgrace.

The cost of bus travel has also recently increased £2.40 for a one-way 10 minute journey.

It is little wonder then that some people now travel with a friend to the shops and back in a taxi instead.