YP Letters: Brexit genie is out of the bottle

Brexit continues to divide opinion.
Brexit continues to divide opinion.
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From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

PARLIAMENT provided the people with an In/Out referendum. We chose to leave so that we could be independent of the European Union. Trade deals may require give and take, but compromising our independence is simply no longer a choice for the Westminster bubble to make.

The Leave genie is out of the bottle, and no frantic salami-slicing by the likes of Theresa May, Philip Hammond and Oliver Robbins will stuff it back in. The more terribly clever they think they are in imposing their Remain outcome on us by stealth, the worse will be the subsequent constitutional turmoil. We have been betrayed for 46 years. No more.

From: Keith D. Walker, Denholme, West Yorkshire.

WITH reference to Jarvis Browning’s comment (June 9), with less than a year to go before this country’s decision to leave the EU is enacted, is it not time for all other Parliamentary business to be set aside for at least six months after Brexit? A committee should be formed from all pro-Brexit personnel of all parties to devote their time solely to seeing through a successful outcome. The remaining MPs could concentrate on drumming up worldwide business instead of going about pooh-poohing this country’s majority vote.

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

In a recent letter (June 5), I likened the referendum result to a horse winning by a short head.

To carry on this theme, let’s call this horse Leave. It wins and subsequently is paraded around the winners’ enclosure to great applause from the onlookers. Unfortunately on leaving the ring, the horse stumbles and breaks a leg. What do the consortium who own the horse do as he can never race again? There is no alternative but to get rid of him.

Remind anyone of the absolute farcical negotiations of May and company? They have shot and stuffed poor old Leave.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

Successive governments are given cause to moan about the House of Lords, the latest being Theresa May. They should remember that the Upper Chamber has been stuffed with cronies of their predecessors.

Many of the Lords are well past their sell-by date and only turn up for the £300 a day payslip, often disappearing immediately afterwards. Until such time as common sense takes over, the situation of Lords frustrating the will of Parliament will continue.