YP Letters: Brexit vote was never advisory

Should the House of Lords face reform if it obstructs a quick and satisfactory Bexit? (PA).
Should the House of Lords face reform if it obstructs a quick and satisfactory Bexit? (PA).
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From: D Wood, Howden.

The letter from Mr Cole (The Yorkshire Post, November 16) contains a number of errors, in my opinion.

If Mr Cole takes a look at David Cameron’s £9.3m propaganda booklet paid for by the British taxpayers, most of whom wanted to leave, he will see that there is no mention of the referendum being advisory. It is clearly stated that the people will decide and that the Government, not Parliament, would act according to the result.

It also clearly stated that there would be no second referendum. These are the conditions under which we voted on the June 23, so could Mr Cole please explain what he finds to be flawed in the referendum, or is it just that he doesn’t like the result? He states that more than 420 MPs out of 650 voted remain, which basically means nothing other than they were putting themselves before the country; but 428 out of 650 constituencies voted Leave; that is a landslide.

An MP is there to represent the wishes of the electorate, not to pursue their own agendas.

It seems to me the only mangy tail trying to wag the dog is Tim Farron and people like Mr Cole who can’t accept the will of the people expressed in a democratic, free and fair and binding referendum.

If the vote had gone the other way by 0.1 per cent these same people would not even consider giving the sensible people who voted to leave a second referendum. It would be a case of ‘You lost stop, whinging about it.’

The Government now needs to produce a complete exit from the EU. And the return of total sovereignty to the British government, including leaving the single market because in the single market you are in the EU.

From: Mike Smith, Birkby, Huddersfield.

An item on page 4 (The Yorkshire Post, November 15) headed “Let Britons keep EU citizenship” caught me by surprise. I never knew I had ‘EU citizenship’ whatever that amounts to, but perhaps that’s just my insular ignorance. However, a double check on my latest passport reassured me I am still a British Citizen.

The item mentioned a European Movement UK which is going to petition our Prime Minister to make a priority of the optional retention of EU citizenship during her Brexit negotiations.

I would think she has far higher priorities in the wake of the US Presidential election and with our country in economic turmoil than to be plagued with that sort of trivia.

A quick look at the Movement’s website springs no surprises. With a few exceptions, it is fundamentally a Liberal movement and out of 25 or so listed patrons, 20 are Lords and no doubt include one or two gravy train passengers.

If they and their fellow peers obstruct our Government’s progress in achieving a swift and satisfactory Brexit, that must surely give weight to urgent reform and thinning down of our House of Fossils if nothing else.

Theresa May was originally a Remainer but she has obviously accepted the result of the referendum and, like her or not, she is the best chance in sight of getting the UK back on track.

It’s about time Remainers accepted that and they should either keep quiet or throw their active support behind her.

Meanwhile I cannot imagine many of us will feel too distressed at the prospect of forfeiting our EU citizenship.

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

Attempts on mainland Europe, to achieve political subjugation of neighbouring countries have been resisted by, for example, Drake, Nelson, Wellington, Churchill and, yes Nigel Farage, all done on the UK’s behalf.

Nigel Farage, on the other hand, not only had to confront the German-dominated EU on the continent but the Europhile gravy train MPs and the establishment here in the UK, in order to give us a say on our political future, so disgracefully denied for so long.

Then when Mr Farage gave us what we could only dare hope for by winning a Leave referendum by almost four per cent of the vote the ‘remoaners’ cry foul because the vote didn’t go their way.

That is exactly what EU democracy is about. If the vote gives the wrong outcome, continue having the vote until it gets the right result. Ireland, Greece, Portugal etc, come readily to mind.

No thank you Mr Juncker and Frau Merkel, we’ve had our vote and won.

Of course we could continue having EU referendums until a cure was discovered for the ‘remoaners’, who include Clegg and Farron.

From: Harry Santiuste, Coningsburgh Road, Edenthorpe, Doncaster.

If it were constitutionally possible I would prefer an honest patriot like Nigel Farage to become a member of the Privy Council rather than John McDonnell.

A degree of indignation

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

Why was there a picture of Chris Evans getting an honorary degree (The Yorkshire Post, November 16)? To me these awards are an insult to hard-working students who have these days to get into debt to get their academic achievements merited.