YP Letters: Expect spring election amid fears of EU vote ‘betrayal’

Will Brexit lead to a Spring election in the UK?
Will Brexit lead to a Spring election in the UK?
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From: Chris Gallacher, Chairman, Ukip Redcar

The papers are full of the anger being felt by the millions of people who voted to Leave and also a great many that also voted to Remain, but understand that the majority vote carries the day and we want to get on with our leaving of the EU.

It is therefore quite understandable that there is a great groundswell of belief that a betrayal is in the offing and a campaign to undermine the result.

If anybody wants to see how biased the Judiciary is you only need to spend a short amount of time on the internet to see what our senior judges’ points of views are and where they stand on Brexit; and many have made it plain they wish to remain.

We also have seen Jeremy Corbyn trying to ‘blackmail’ the PM with his demands, again showing total disregard for the views of the people and only interested in undermining the process of exit. The people will not stand for it.

Therefore I am more convinced we will have a General Election in the 
spring and a number of Labour seats have been highlighted in the Press as vulnerable, including Hartlepool, so 
do not be surprised to see 
Nigel Farage there and a Ukip win.

The breakthrough for 
Ukip will happen in this 
area and many Labour MPs 
will be looking for new jobs in May.

Would he get your vote? Of course he would.

From: Terry Palmer, Hoyland, Barnsley.

Analysis suggests a political party aiming to fight a general election on an anti-Brexit platform would lose by as many as 150 seats.

The High Court’s decision that Parliament must be allowed a vote before Article 50 can be triggered has complicated the Government’s plans for Brexit and led to mounting calls for an early General Election.

I say bring it on if that is the only way to ‘stuff’ the ‘remoaners’ and their ‘quisling’ leaders such as Farron and Clegg. At least we would know who was against triggering Article 50, if they were honest in admitting it, and we could then vote accordingly. Apparently we even have several ‘closet’ Sturgeon SNP politicians who voted Leave but daren’t admit it, I wonder why?

If the EU referendum had been carried out on a constituency level, then the Leave camp would have triumphed in 401 of 632 British constituencies. If it takes a General Election to silence and put the ‘remoaners’ to bed let’s get on with it.