YP Letters: Help me track down lost secrets of Stonehenge

Stonehenge continues to fascinate people. (PA).
Stonehenge continues to fascinate people. (PA).
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From: Adrian Kerton MSc, Stoke Gifford, South Gloucester.

In 1963, you published articles by C A (Peter) Newham concerning astronomical alignments at Stonehenge.

In his book The Astronomical Significance of Stonehenge, published in 1972, Peter makes the case for significant astronomical alignments with the post holes in the Stonehenge car park which have been dated by English Heritage to around 8,000 BC.

Peter wrote: “These post holes are unique for several important reasons, in my opinion these can be regarded as the most positive astronomical discovery yet made at Stonehenge.”

If Peter’s ideas are accepted this would mean that over 10,000 years ago ancient man was using the Stonehenge site for sophisticated astronomical observations.

Peter’s book is now out of print and I believe it deserves a wider audience. If I can reproduce it on my website hopefully his work will be recognised as ground breaking. Could you please ask your readers if they know of Peter’s family and ask them to contact me so I can get permission to reproduce his work? Please contact me via email at adriank800@gmail.com.