YP Letters: Irked by the gasman who never cometh

From: Rev Neil McNicholas, St Mary's House, Yarm

Does British Gas provide good customer service? (PA).

As a parish priest I have two gas meters – one in the church, and the other in the house. British Gas constantly run adverts on the television trying to persuade people to switch to smart meters, and because I am not always home when the meter reader comes, I requested smart meters be installed in order to avoid paying inaccurate estimated bills.

Initially they changed the meter for the church but said they couldn’t also change the meter for the house – goodness knows why not. Since then I have been trying for probably the best part of a year to have the house meter changed but without success. British Gas clearly just doesn’t want to do the job.

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Most recently their excuse was that they were supplying meters to domestic customers and classified me as a business (despite having already installed a meter for the church).

So I replied by explaining that the meter in question was in my house and was therefore a domestic meter like anyone else’s. I even sent them a photograph to prove it.

This time their response was the exact opposite – that they were only a business supplier and couldn’t install a domestic smart meter.

Their arrogance (as one of the “big six” energy suppliers there is no surprise there) is beyond belief.

Next time you see their adverts on the television, perhaps you might like to bear my experience in mind.

Left to pay for airport profit

From: Ralph Sissons, Guiseley, Leeds.

RE: Leeds Bradford Airport. Having sold the family jewels to private enterprise, we taxpayers are now being asked to increase their profits even further by either building a new road or a rail link to the airport.

The road link is quite unnecessary and the present planners are not to be trusted to choose a suitable route.

Neither can I think of anyone who would want to change trains twice while carrying 23kg of luggage!

Amid all the arguments and debates on this subject I have yet to read how much the present incumbents of the airport are prepared to contribute to something which is mainly for their financial benefit.

From: Keith Rawling, Somerville Terrace, Otley.

With regard to the comment made about the charges for dropping off and picking up at Leeds Bradford Airport, it seems to me that the real meaning of the LBA’s trademark is ‘Lets Bleed All’.

Time to cool on technology

From: John Penn, Hedon, Hull.

In the late 1960s Harold Wilson told us we were entering an age of white hot technology and we should embrace it.

In the early 21st century we are changing the way of human life and every creature on this planet. This, of course, makes some people very rich in our world.

How will this effect the evolution of human life and every creature that survives here? We must get back to real life.

Problems of plastic post

From: Dr Sheila Hopkinson, Gorman Close, Chesterfield.

It is not often mentioned but the overuse of plastic on mailed items should be looked at. I receive a number of newsletters, annual reports, magazines and a newspaper and with few exceptions they come encased in plastic. Added to these are brochures from travel companies, advertisements with the Sunday broadsheets to say nothing of the unsolicited ‘junk’ mail which pours through the letter box.

I have three honourable exceptions, a journal from a high end literary review, news from a specialist garden tour company and the newsletter from a small greyhound rescue charity who use paper envelopes or recyclable cardboard. However careful I am about shopping I am still unwittingly contributing to the plastic problem.

Old girls rule this network

From: Brian H Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

Martina Navratilova made an unforced error on BBC’s Panorama in complaining that “it is still the good old boys network” (The Yorkshire Post, March 19).

She was complaining that John McEnroe was paid at least ten times as much as her during Wimbledon. How much of our TV does she watch? Wimbledon rivals A Question of Sport as the Sue Barker Show and is she not aware of the ubiquitous Clare Balding?

The BBC’s defence that McEnroe’s role “is of a different scale, scope and time commitment” is sound. McEnroe is on air for extended periods while by comparison Navratilova has a walk-on part. Moreover, Navratilova was a great player but McEnroe is a super-star in every sense.

May’s troubles

From: Betty Henry, Larchfield Road, Doncaster.

“I’m moithered. It’s just one darn thing after another,” my mother used to say, when battling a multitude of pressing demands. I wonder what Theresa May says.