YP Letters: May needs to stand up to Trump over tariffs

From: John G Wildie, Sandal, Wakefield.

Should President Trump's visit to Britain be cancelled over tariffs?

PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s decision to hit the European Union with tariffs on steel and aluminium imports is a dirty trick.

President Trump is only interested in his own constituency – himself (The Yorkshire Post, June 2). Our Prime Minister, Theresa May, states that she is disappointed with Mr Trump’s decision to apply tariffs to EU steel and aluminium imports.

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This could have a grave decision to our steel industries in our country, particularly in Sheffield and Scunthorpe.

Over the past years, our steel industries have suffered and have had to make quite a number of people redundant. A few months ago, the future of our steel industries was starting to look brighter, but now Mr Trump’s decision could set us back again.

This is the second time that Mr Trump has upset quite a number of people in the aeroplane industries. In Ireland, and also in parts of this country, we were making parts for American aeroplanes.

But now he has taken them off us, causing more misery to some people of this country.

I just wish our Prime Minister, Mrs May, would stand up to Mr Trump and cancel his visit to this country.