YP Letters: A safer way of enforcing speed limits on roads

From: Don White, Poppleton Road, York.

Are speed limit signs prominent enough?
Are speed limit signs prominent enough?

DRIVERS must avoid speeding points which would put them off the road and must peer to the left to try to see speed limit signs.

However, in dense traffic with many high-sided vehicles, it 
is difficult to catch sight of 

Despite denials, in some areas, speed limits are obviously for revenue, not safety.

A simple ploy would be to put a narrow band on the many posts, trees and poles at the roadside. A red band for 30mph, orange for 40mph and so on but this would reduce the revenue so it will not be done. Drivers must also concentrate to the left to see potholes which can put the car off the road and compensation is hard to extract from councils.

Such is the dishonesty pervading the system of speed limits and fines that it is now less important to watch the road ahead than to keep one eye on the speedometer, and the other on potholes and speed limit signs.

Thus accidents are more likely and this is an example of the Law of Unintended Consequences.