YP Letters: Stop to think over resort’s buildings

The Futurist  theatre is now at number 10 on the Theatre Trusts at risk register. (Ceri Oakes).
The Futurist theatre is now at number 10 on the Theatre Trusts at risk register. (Ceri Oakes).
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From: Mike Padgham, Managing Director, St Cecilia’s Care Services, Scarborough.

I AM sure I am not alone in wanting Scarborough, as a town, to pause, stop and think before we make a final decision to demolish the Futurist and lose the building and the venue, for ever.

Is this a decision that is too big for councillors alone to take? Could we not have a local referendum and a final decision taken on the outcome?

Scarborough has a history of knocking down buildings, replacing them with something inferior and then regretting it for decades afterwards – the Pavilion Hotel springs to mind.

When the Open Air Theatre closes for the season, Scarborough is not over-blessed with venues for concerts and conferences and we need more to complement what the Spa offers.

The town has certainly been the poorer for not having the Futurist’s offer. Scarborough seems to have been able to find money and investment for projects in the past when it was necessary.

Why can’t we do so now to save the Futurist for future generations? The Futurist is now at number 10 on the Theatre Trusts at risk register.

Can we not somehow get enough community support to save the building with the Trust’s backing – as so many others across the country have done?

Of course we need attractions for tourists but there are other locations, without sacrificing all that the Futurist has to offer.

Before the bulldozers move in, we must really be able to look into our conscience and say we have exhausted every possibility, because we will not be able to bring it back once it has gone.

In praise of the Mods

From: James Robson, Kirbymoorside.

I FEEL I must make a riposte to the peevish little letter from Adam Sims (The Yorkshire Post, September 29).

I am assuming that he speaks for the majority of ‘Generation Bland’ (at least he assumes that mantle in his letter) a generation also known as ‘Generation Vapid’ seasoned as it is with serial killer Lumberjack beards, face jewellery and head to toe 

He seems more than a little confused about recent history and contemporary events to the extent of defending conservative fat cats who had bankrolled 
their party long before jolly old grocer Heath took us into Europe.

It might interest him to know that the Mod generation worked hard, supported their baby boom by doing that and deserved all they got from life.

We regarded Rockers as Neanderthals in every respect (natural Remainers in fact); they were static and devoid of imagination or flair, whereas the Mod style went around the world and brought incalculable money to this country.

I wonder what else can be laid at the door of Brexit or those lucky enough to be born in more generous times?

Wake up lad and think about creating a renaissance of your own? Things you don’t like about your life are not always somebody else’s fault.

Putting the ‘Great’ back in Britain

From: John Watson, Rowan Court, Leyburn.

IT seems, at last, there is a move afoot to repeal the Act which saw us surrender a lot of the things which we have held dear in our Constitution for generations, and for which we have sacrificed life and limb to maintain.

Having voted in 1975 to join the “Common Market” never did I think that what I voted for would see these things handed over to some unelected Commission in Brussels..

We can now, once again, be ruled by our own Parliament, make our own laws, and protect our borders as we see fit.

It would be nice if we could pass the news on to our heroes from history – from Elizabeth I to Winston Churchill, to all those who gave their lives that the status quo is guaranteed and they may rest in peace hoping that we may have now put the “Great” back in Great Britain.

Warning on nuclear aims

From: Brian Ormondroyd, Birchwood Court, Ilkley.

Many of us were out in the streets in the early 1950s calling for ‘Ban the Bomb’ and for a ‘Five power peace pact’.

This at the height of the Cold War. We faced hostility, sometimes violence. Perhaps we did something in preventing nuclear war.

The talents of workers engaged in Trident replacement were wasted. The use of Trident and its associated weapons could lead to the annihilation of the human race – are we mad? Workers’ skills should be employed in rebuilding Britain’s manufacturing base.

Therefore, there can be no compromise on Trident.

PM’s claim

From: Eddie Peart, Broom Crescent, Rotherham.

Over 1,000 jobs were lost at the Scunthorpe steel works. French steel instead of British Steel will be used for Trident submarines. So how can Theresa May claim that the Conservative Government is the party for the working class?