YP Letters: Thorne article sent me down memory lane

Thorne Colliery seen here in 1967. (YPN).
Thorne Colliery seen here in 1967. (YPN).
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From: Christine McDade, Morton on Swale.

Thank you for Tuesday’s edition (The Yorkshire Post, November 15) containing the Picture Past supplement. The “Thorne Curtain” article about the problems encountered in the building of Thorne Colliery and 250 houses built in Moorends brought back so many happy childhood memories.

My grandparents with five children moved to Moorends in 1928 at the opening of the pit. My mother married a regular Scottish soldier in the 1930s and my childhood was spent travelling around the world with them. The only time I was able to live amongst my family was during the Second World War when my father was stationed in India until 1946.

Until he returned we lived with my grandparents in Eldon Grove together with my other aunts and uncles and cousins in Moorends. I didn’t realise how important those close-knit community years were. Later I travelled and attended 15 schools and realise that I have only one school 
friend with whom I maintain contact.

One cousin left Moorends aged 21 heading for Paris (what a change) and 55 years later remains in France, but we meet up once a year to tend the family graves in Thorne Cemetery. A copy of your article is on its way to her as I type this.